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Are we the fastest? No. Can we out-lift the rest? Nope. BUT we are stronger and better everyday and feel pretty darn elite.

BUT... we do travel.. lots... and getting a good workout in was not always the easiest (try lifting when your USN ship is rocking and rolling!). So after getting frustrated too many times and wondering whether others had the same issues- voila-The Traveling WOD was born.

A repository of WODs that need minimal or no equipment, good for you fuel ideas for when you are in a plane, train or automobile and gear that we like to travel with. All with the aim of keeping it elite that much easier.

Stay Strong,

John, Carine and T

After doing the globo-gym thing and constantly swimming against the current of fitness, spending too much time on the elliptical, and fueling our bodies poorly John discovered CrossFit through some other Navy buddies. Carine and Tierney hopped on board and LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME SINCE. 

John Mark
(Cross Level 1 Trainer)

Been in the US Navy forever (27 years now!) and is old like dirt. Married well above his station in life and has 6 remarkable children.  CrossFit has given him a new lease on being functionally fit.

Traveled around the world many times and has gotten to see and do lots of cool stuff.  Loves nothing more than to get his rear handed to him by Fran and Annie.  Recently he has found a new appreciation for the Filty Fifty... a number he is rapidly approaching!


A former Naval officer turned stay-at-home mom to a five year old and one year old twins (guess which job is harder). Loves a good adventure and has spent over 10 years living abroad in the UK and Italy.  Was thrilled the first time she was asked to be quiet at the hotel gym because she was too loud.


A lover of all things travel, anything wine, everything books and awesome tattoos. Trying to set an example for my child, Hank the Wonder Corgi, that being active everyday is the way to be. Loves the challenge that CrossFit brings to my life everyday because I always know I can do better and bigger. One day I will conquer the pull up and then have a bottle of wine to celebrate :)

From the community for the community...
Helping to Keep it Elite on the Road!
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