Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today's Traveling WOD - Dropping in on a Box!

Road Warriors if you are not looking for Boxes to "drop in" on when you are traveling then you are missing out on an amazing experience.

Wednesday I dropped in on Blue Coast CrossFit in Kapolei, Hawaii then Thursday I dropped in on CrossFit 808 in Honolulu.  The WOD on Wednesday was Karen and the one on Thursday was The Chief.  My legs are a little tender today.

The best part of meeting both boxes was the people... the vibe.   Blue Coast has had their doors open for 1 month and you could see all shiny new faces learning about this CrossFit thing.  Coach Lucien, owner /trainer, was walking a class through the basics while I was waiting for the 1830 class. 

I am always impressed when I get to listen to different coaches and watch how they teach the movements.  I learn something new every time!

I was the only one in the 1830 class but Coach Jordan gave me his full attention and walked me through the warm-up, skill set and on into the WOD.  Great coaching!

The next day I got over CrossFit 808 and met Coach Kyla and owner/Coach Elyse.  Of note:  the pictures on line don't give a sense of the size of the box space.  It's small but Elyse has figured out how maximize her square footage and I never felt crowded.  All the room I needed was enough to do cleans, push ups and squats!

Add to that the inviting vibe from the group... pretty sure it's called "ohana" in Hawaii!  As the new guy I felt very accepted.

Coach Elyse worked us through the warm up an into the WOD.  I saw many different skill levels poring their hearts out on the mats.  Great group and great workout!

Of course I got t-shirts from both locations.   So if you are on the road then find the local box and "drop in".  If you don't then you truly missing out.... and you don't get a t-shirt.

On to the WOD:


5 rounds

10 burpees
10 squats
10 flutter kicks (4 count)



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