Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today's Traveling WOD

Good morning WODders!!

Spring is in the air unless you are WAYYY down south then you are prepping for winter.  Either way you are in a time of transition with the seasons.

Here at the Traveling WOD house we have gotten closer to settling into the new house and are finding our new routine. 

One kid in T-Ball and WOD'n at the box keep us on our toes and, added to all the other components of life, keeps us busy.  Good busy.

If you are a busy person then you need to MAKE TIME TO WOD!  Don't relegate it to the side or it will never get done.

On to the WOD:



handstand push ups
sit ups

then accumulate 
1 minute of L sits

Now stretch it out and make the rest of your day a PR.


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