Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today's Traveling WOD - Navy PFA Edition

Yesterday I took another Navy Physical Fitness Assessment.  It is required for us to accomplish every 6 months.  It's our version of FRAN and is great gauge with measurable results.

This cycle I didn't as well as last time:

Last time                                 This time

100                sit ups                    78
88                 push ups                 75
10:43           1.5 mile run          11:21

As a CrossFitter I was disappointed and in true JM style I spend a bit of time talking with C about what some of variables might be.

At the risk of sounding like excuses here goes my list:

- Day 3 of Zone Paleo
- METCON 32 hours prior 
                    8 min AMRAP
                    20 hand release push ups
                    10 calorie row
                    10 x 10m shuttle run
   Could have burned up the push ups a bit... maybe
- everyone has an off day
- just finished a move from Italy to WA

Whatever the reason I know what I can accomplish and I know what I didn't accomplish.  I will retest this in 6 weeks to see what the improvement is....

I can only get up, dust off and do it again.

On to the WOD:


2 min AMRAP
sit ups
2 min AMRAP
push ups
1.5 mile run for time

get 'er done and own the day.


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