Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today's Traveling WOD

I had the chance for 18 holes of golf yesterday.  I hadn't played in over a year.  

I have been CrossFitting for that year and I noticed a couple of improvements.  First, I had a strong, longer drive... When I was able to connect with the ball.  My technique still needs ALOT OF WORK but I certainly had better control in the swing.

Secondly, we walked the entire round.  At the end my lower back was little tight but I was not wiped out or over exhausted from the efforts.  I see my exercise paying off .... Do you?

On to the WOD:


7 rounds

20 walking lunges
10 V sit ups

Spend some time stretching today especially if you have been working out all week.  Quality time stretching out the sticky bit will pay off over time.

Now go enjoy your Saturday.


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