Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Traveling WOD

Travel Warriors!

Hear the birds chirping? feel the sun breaking over the horizon? absorb the energy of the new morning?

Didn't think so... but you should.

I received a call from home this morning (checking with the family) and Carine told me about my 5 year old son, JP, sitting out on our 2nd floor balcony to "watch the sun come up". A "tear in the eye" moment for me... you go little man and absorb the gift that is a morning sunrise.

enough of the zen stuff... on with the WOD

Warm Up:

200 jumping jacks
40 pushups
40 situps
40 squats

break it up into small sections if you want.. the goal is to warm up.
Remember that our warm up is a workout to most folks


5 rounds

20 Weighted Situps - if you have wieghts then 45/25#, if you don't then grab any thing you can hold above your head. Chairs, small children, etc.
15 Pass through pushups - Start with your hands on the ground, head down and your butt in the air (A Frame), come down passing your chest close to the floor and end up with your chest up, hands on the floor near your waist and knees down. Should be a smooth motion.
5 Pistols /per leg

I have noticed on my pass through pushups that the first couple of reps have me hearing my shoulders making "adjustment" noises... a little creepy. I am working the mobility stretch for that... I would hate for them to adjust incorrectly....

Get on with you day and enjoy a sunrise and a sunset!


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