Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to Basics- So You Wanna Join A Box?

It's official. I can be a member of my very own box. Today I finished the last of my Foundation Classes at CrossFit East Village.

If you are looking to join a box in your area expect them to require you to prove you can be left alone with out dropping a kettle bell on your head. You will usually have two options. Option A is that you can test out of the Foundation Classes. Basically they will quiz you on all the basic moves in CrossFit. Typically these will include, but are not limited to; air squats, dead lifts, thrusters, burpees, split jerk, etc. Option B is taking the Foundation Classes and having them teach you the proper way to perform all of these moves.

I chose Option B. Now I do believe I could have tested out since I have been getting my WOD on since February with Dad and Carine in Italy and with Bo here, but I wanted to experience the actual training with a CrossFit coach in person. I felt like I still had a lot to learn and wanted to make sure I was not doing it wrong this whole time.

There were 3 Foundation Classes for me to take. Each class built upon the previous classes lessons. Foundation 1 taught me air squats, front squats, overhead squats, back squats and burpees. Foundation 2 rolled into upper body with shoulder presses, push presses, push jerks, split jerks and thrusters. Foundation 3 wrapped it all up with dead lifts, sumo high dead lifts, proper wall balls, and medicine ball power cleans. For each move the coaches broke it down to the basics and demonstrated everything. They offered tips and ways to prevent injury.

Then, just so that you get a nice taste of CF they follow the lesson with a WOD.

I had the pleasure of having 3 different coaches for my classes and you can definitely see different methods for teaching. Each coach was very knowledgable and paid specific attention to you. It is great because the classes were small, no more than 4 people in each session, and everyone can get honest feedback on ways to improve.

Now each box will have their own pricing on Foundation Classes and scheduling. You will have to contact them directly to get those details.

I really do recommend taking these classes. Especially if you are newer to CrossFit. It is so important to do these moves correctly to not only prevent injury, but to also get the maximum benefit out of each move. I learned a lot and I am ready for my first WOD class this week.

Now for your WODing pleasure I will give you my WODs from the Foundation series. Try them, take your time and then in a few months do them again. Just to see your inevitable improvement.

Foundation 1:

-250m Row
-10 Burpees
(my time is 12:47)

Foundation 2:

-Box Jumps
-Run 200m
(my time is 9:14)

Foundation 3:

15 min. AMRAP
-5 KB swings
-10 push ups
-15 squats
(I completed 7 rounds and one set of KB swings)

Good luck!


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